Contacting A Lawyer Right Away

Contacting a personal injury lawyer may be one of the most important things you do right after an accident. Failure to do so could seriously jeopardize your chances of getting compensation for your injuries for many reasons, including:

  • Time limitations: If you have been injured on city property, for example, you have only days to give notice to the municipality. If you fail to do so properly, your claim could be forever barred. Talk to our North York accident lawyers and we will let you know if you are within the time limits, and help protect your rights.
  • Evidence: Eyewitnesses may forget details; your injuries may heal and leave few traces of the damage you suffered; your accident site may be cleaned up or may change with the seasons. We can help you understand what evidence you may need to claim compensation, and we can help you gather it.
  • Insurance benefits: Insurance companies may not always tell you what you are entitled to receive. By the time you realize you could have received a certain benefit, you may no longer have receipts for the expenses you incurred, or it may be too late to claim. For example, many people do not realize that they may be able to hire housekeeping help while they recover, and will simply try to do as much as possible on their own, potentially hurting themselves and harming their claim.
  • Insurance company tactics: Insurance representatives may ask you many questions designed to find “proof” that you are not truly injured, or that you are partly responsible for your own injuries. We know what kind of answers they will look for, and we will protect you from answering questions to which they are not entitled to have answers.
  • Minor Injury Guideline (MIG): In Ontario, the MIG provides for limited specified medical benefits and no coverage for attendant care expenses. If your injury is found to be within the MIG, your medical benefits will be capped at $3,500 and you will be unable to get more even if you do not heal by the time the money is gone. Rooz Law can help you avoid being wrongly classified under the MIG or fight the insurer once a MIG determination has been made by the insurance company.

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