Denied Accident Benefits Lawyer For North York

Insurance companies are supposed to help you in your time of need. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why they may deny you benefits, including:

  • Evidence that you are not injured: Insurance companies have been known to track their clients’ activities and social media postings for evidence that they are not as injured as they claim to be. If you have gone hiking or swimming, or posted pictures of yourself doing activities with your family, an insurance company may use that against you.
  • Evidence that you are able to work: Often, your ability to work may be diminished, but not completely gone. You may be able to work part time, for much lower pay or at a position for which you have no training or interest. If so, disability benefits may be denied.
  • Insufficient documentation or missed deadlines: You may be penalized for not having the right documents showing evidence of your injuries or expenses for rehabilitation. Your insurance company may also claim that you have missed deadlines to claim certain benefits.
  • Ontario’s Minor Injury Guideline (MIG): The cap for medical benefits and assessment under the MIG is $3,500, whereas the cap for other non-catastrophic injuries is $50,000. Your insurance company may try to classify your injuries under the MIG and thus leave you with very limited benefits.

Fighting Your Benefit Denials

Our North York and Toronto lawyers for accident benefit denials are familiar with all of these tactics and many more. We can help you counter them through mediation, arbitration and court proceedings, and get you the benefits you need. For example, our lawyers can:

  • Prove that being well enough to hike is not the same as being well enough to work, or that swimming is part of your physical therapy.
  • Help you gather and submit the correct documentation and deal with time deadlines.
  • Fight to get your injury reclassified out of the MIG or into a Catastrophic designation.Rooz Law has a great deal of experience ensuring that clients are not denied benefits that they deserve simply because of paperwork or underhanded insurance tactics. Let us use that experience for your benefit.

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