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Wrongful death generally means the death caused by the negligence of another. Wrongful death may be caused by lacking medical care, a defective product, motor vehicle accident, nursing home negligence, slip and fall incident and other types of unfortunate incidents. Our compassionate Personal Injury staff will help determine who may be responsible for the fatal loss and help the surviving family establish and quantify all the damages suffered as a result of the wrongful death. Recording and documenting the effects of losing a loved one are important in establishing the damages payable.
Fatal Accident Victims compensation
The surviving family may be entitled to various types of compensation from the negligent party responsible for the death and/or from an insurance company. Our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers can assist in collecting damages and benefits the family of the deceased is entitled to, including loss of companionship and guidance, economic loss, loss of income, funeral expenses, medical expenses and other compensation such as the death benefit available in an Accident Benefits Claim. Psychological assistance for family members can be arranged for by our office and in some cases may even be directly funded by an insurance company.

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If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, let our experienced Toronto Wrongful Death Lawyers assist your family cope with the pain and needs following the wrongful death. We will diligently manage the claim against the responsible party and all relevant insurance companies to obtain your family the services they require and the compensation they deserve. For all wrongful death matters, contact Rooz Law at 416-229-6000.